Prospecting and evaluation of investment opportunities

 - Evaluation for the decision to purchase, sell or build approximately 100 generation assets – close to 3,000 MW of installed power.

 Business Plan to act in the energy generation sector

 - Strategic definition of structuring of the model of the company and pipeline of projects to be developed.

 Credit Evaluation

 - Evaluation of the financing viability of hydroelectric, thermoelectric and biomass plants, natural gas and oil plants and wind farms, besides electric energy distributors and transmission companies. From 2006 to 2009, 75 energy generation projects (14 thousand MW) and 11 transmission projects were analyzed.

 Regulatory analysis

 - Assistance to large consumers, self-producers, independent producers and electric energy distributors to face the frequent regulatory alterations, evaluating risks and opportunities for the agents.

 Market Intelligence

 - Long term projection of energetic balance and generation tariffs, for both the captive and free market.

 Regularization with sector organs

 - Regulatory negotiations between the energy generation and distribution agents and ANEEL, ONS and CCCE.

 Energy auctions in the regulated market

 - Integral assistance to investors, inclusively with reference to the expectation of the price to be practiced in each auction and for each source, as well as evaluating the viability of the projects to be granted.

 Energy auctions in the free market

 - Development of strategy and methodology with the elaboration of bids, contracts and documents relative to the auction, including the operation of the bidding process itself.