Founded in 2003, Excelência Energética is a consulting company dedicated exclusively to the energy sector, especially that of electric energy.

The company was created with the objective of orienting the agents of the sector faced with the difficulties to follow-up, understand and administrate the frequent changes and conflicts in the regulatory field and help them make the most adequate decisions about investments.

More than a name, excellence is our first commitment. Though our company may be relatively small, and relatively young, even so, it accomplishes its mission for which it was created: "To orient companies in the sense of optimizing the results of their businesses in Electric Energy".

We all know that the energetic area possesses regulations that are altered frequently. It is natural for doubts and conflicts to arise, and that the agents of the sector need specialized consulting to follow safe trails and consequently be able to aggregate more value to their organizations.

A team of talented consultants supervened from universities with proven excellence, combined with the experience of the partners, permits us to offer unique services, molded to the needs of each client.

Added to this are well defined and elevated ethical principles which result in excellence.